If your a facility manager, this is our commitment to you
Our service department operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing factory-trained and certified HVAC technicians for troubleshooting, diagnostics, maintenance, repair, or replacement of HVAC equipment and systems. We service commercial clients with one location or multi-location chains with varying operational and comfort requirements. We have received OSHA certification to perform service-maintenance tasks where hazardous materials are dispensed. This certification required extensive staff safety training and strict adherence to OSHA safety protocol that is practiced at every jobsite. 

ACA Commercial and Industrial Services is committed to providing quality HVAC service, maintenance, products, and documentation. We take personal pride in our high work standards and problem solving abilities. We continuously strive to gain and keep the confidence, trust, and satisfaction of each client, thereby building long-term relationships. For more information please call at 318-443-6321 or email us at ACA@acaalex.com

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Our HVAC Commercial and Industrial Services Department strives to exceed your expectations by:

Types of Services


Technicians Certifications
ACA Commercial and Industrial Services has fully qualified technicians to handle your maintenance problems. All of our technicians have completed training programs; some have completed the NATE certification program, and our senior technicians hold master licenses. Our technicians have been factory trained by the following manufacturers and training organizations:


Preventive Maintenance
It is ACA Commercial and Industrial Services goal to ensure that our clients obtain the maximum life of their equipment, keep operating costs at a minimum, and avoid costly emergency breakdowns. An effective Preventive Maintenance Program is key.

Preventive Maintenance starts with a thorough inspection using a systematic method of factory-prescribed checks of the operating system, safety, controls, refrigeration system, and accessories to provide a condition report for each piece of equipment. This information provides the basis for informed decisions on repair work and maintenance required to ensure equipment is safe and operating at peak efficiency.

We offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual service contracts.

Annual Service Contracts
Contracts are tailored to meet the needs of our commercial clients. Prior to summer and winter, we perform equipment changeovers to insure that your HVAC equipment is ready to handle the upcoming change in weather. At that time, a thorough performance evaluation of the heating or cooling section is completed to determine the integrity of the equipment. Our technicians use a detailed customized checklist for each piece of equipment as prescribed by the manufacturer. Based on the results of their evaluation, a report is developed and sent to the client detailing any needed repairs, upgrades, or additional maintenance that is needed to ensure working condition.

Benefits to Contract Holders

Equipment Serviced
ACA Services specializes in repairing, servicing, and installing commercial:


Manufacturers Represented
ACA Services can maintain the following manufacturer's equipment:

For Air For Controls:

For Cooling Towers:

Conditioning Equipment:

For Air Handling Units:

For Boilers

For Chillers:

For Computer Room A/C Units:

For Fans & Blowers:

For Fan Coil Units:

For Heat Pumps (Air-to-Air) :

For Heat Recovery Units:

Greenheck Fan Corporation


For Humidifiers:

For Make-Up Air Heaters:


For Make-up Air Units:

For Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning Units:

For Pumping Systems:

For Pumps:

For Split System HVAC Units:

For Storage Tanks:


For Unit Heaters-Electric:


For Unit Heaters-Gas: